Cultured Penang Boy

By Penang Boy

Last Monday I had to bring my beloved sister to San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) for her photography project. It was a beautiful day in a beautiful building. There were only 2 floors (out of 4) that was open because the other 2 were under construction for new exhibits.  Well, I am not one for modern art. I have nothing against modern art but it’s just that I find it kinda hard to appreciate those kind of art. It feels like they were random (I know they are not. I’m just saying that they appear to me as random) and I find it so hard to interpret them. It just takes too much energy. One thing that I found interesting though was a painting by Frida of Frida and her husband painted in SF. That was kinda cool. I don’t know how’s that modern art though.

Anyway, I got to the building, bought my ticket, went to the rooftop, got myself a cup of coffee and sat down. Gosh! I feel so cultured!

One response to “Cultured Penang Boy

  1. I’m with you man.

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