LanguageRant: The Most Annoying Phrases (Ever)

by American Girl

Penang Boy is currently taking a vacation in Singapore.  From what I could figure out from talking to him on the phone he is quite grouchy.  His reasons are:

a) it’s way too hot
b) it’s too expensive to live in Singapore
c) Why are Singaporeans okay with this!?
d) it’s way too hot he’s going to die

He also laments the loss of freedom of speech. While I agree America is pretty awesome in that aspect I tried to cheer him up by reminding him that Americans use this freedom of speech to burn the Koran and make Snooki famous. They also use that right to say the most idiotic things.

Speaking of idiotic sayings, in 2008 Oxford University academics compiled a list of the world’s most annoying phrases. They are as follows:

1. At the end of the day
2. Fairly unique
3. I personally
4. At this moment in time
5. With all due respect
6. Absolutely
7. It’s a nightmare
8. Shouldn’t of
9. 24/7
10. It’s not rocket science

Now I understand why those particular phrases might tick off some professor, but if you have college friends or work in an office environment, you’ll agree that there are significantly worse phrases out there. Whenever I hear any of these phrases uttered below I am overcome with the desire to punch something.

I don’t appreciate…
Right because I did it to gain your appreciation. It matters a whole lot to me you know, your appreciation.

I have responsibilities you know.
I’m glad you finally figured that one out.

It is what it is.
How deep.

My bad.
Yeah, you are bad. At English.

I’m not gonna lie but…
So you’ve been lying your butt off this whole time?!

I’m keepin’ it real.
You big bag of fakeness.

It’s all good.
It isn’t. It really isn’t.

You know what I’m sayin’?
You’re saying you have no communication skills.

I want to saw off your head.

I’ll give it 110%.
That’s impossible.

What would Jesus do?
He wouldn’t ask stupid questions that’s what he’ll do.

Let’s just be friends.

and I know this is a song but it drives me nuts…

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.
Are you telling me what to do!?

via don.wing45

What phrases annoy you? I’m really looking forward to your comments on this one.

10 responses to “LanguageRant: The Most Annoying Phrases (Ever)

  1. “Don’t get me wrong” and “No offense but”

  2. Some classic annoyances:
    “Pardon my French”
    “The white stuff” [to describe snow]
    “Paying more at the pump” [to note a rise in gas prices]
    “No offense, but…[I’m about to offend you]”
    “Tickled pink”

  3. I thought of one more:

    “Don’t get me wrong, I love [insert name of person you hate] to pieces.”

  4. Haha, I forgot all about “Pardon my French”. I agree it’s super annoying, especially when rappers say “Pardon my Free-ench” then start to cuss their heads off. And speaking of “white stuff”, I had a teacher once who kept saying “I’ll be on you like white on rice!”. To this day I haven’t figured out what that was about.

  5. Here’s what drives me crazy:
    “I know you are but what am I?”
    “Everything happens for a reason”

  6. I remember in 5th grade when this boy sitting next to me kept saying “I know you are but what am I” to me. I got super upset! I think I beat him up after school now that I think about it.

  7. When I was a kid we had a girl in the neighborhood who would always say “Go for it!”

    I don’t think she could say a whole paragraph without adding that phrase in there somewhere. Very annoying. I hope she outgrew it because if she didn’t I imagine she is a very lonely lady.

  8. I hate when people say “Your Mom”

  9. Agreed. It’s not very creative is it?

  10. I really hate when people say “ain’t” and “so don’t I”. It makes me want to harm them!!!!

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