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American Girl Learns About Tamarinds

We are in a Malaysian Restaurant.  Penang Boy’s sister just ordered fish head curry with tamarind.

American Girl: What’s a tamarind?
Penang Boy: I explained before remember? It’s a tropical plant. The seeds that come from its trees are sweet and sour and are used to flavor some Malaysian dishes. And Mexicans also use it for candy.
American Girl: The reason I keep asking is because it sounds so familiar! Is it those Chinese candy things?
Penang Boy: No.
American Girl: Is it those green things?
Penang Boy: No. That’s okra.
American Girl: Is this a tamarind?
Penang Boy: No. That’s a bean!
The food arrives.
Here, this is fishhead curry flavored with tamarind.
American Girl: So what is a tamarind?
Penang Boy: Sigh…this girl…