FoodRant #2: Gochi Japanese Fusion Tapas

American Girl lives in a country where Panda Express reigns and authentic, quality Asian food is hard to come by.  Penang Boy came from a country where he claims has the best Asian food in the world.  So when Penang Boy ate the food at this restaurant and said he wanted to cry with joy, you can imagine that American Girl was nearly dead.

Steamed monkfish liver with seaweed in a sour, lemon sauce.

American Girl: (Takes a bite). Oh my god! Sooooo good, the liver tastes like fishy paste! And the sourness goes with it perfectly!
Penang Boy: What if someone chops you open and eats your liver?
American Girl: Hey!

Crab Croquette
Fried food roll containing cream and crab.

American Girl: So creamy on the inside…
Penang Boy: You forgot to take a picture.
American Girl: Oops, oh well, there’s one more left.

Buta Meshi
Rice and pork cooked in a clay pot.

American Girl: I feel cheated. Why is it that I was denied of this my entire life?
Penang Boy: Mmmm…can you taste the pork fat melting in your mouth?
American Girl: I LOVE how the rice sticks to the pot and gets crunchy!

Au Gratin Potatoes
Baked potato with curry covered with cheese.

American Girl: These potatoes taste so light! Better than how Americans cook them.

Lychee Shochu

American Girl: (Takes a long swig from the straw). This is my new favorite drink. Is it alcoholic?
Penang Boy: Yes.
American Girl: Why didn’t you tell me? Ice is coming out of my nostrils!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!! Oh my god!


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