FoodRant #1: Test Your Garlic Tolerance

Photos from besighyawn. Imagine you had to light this for the Olympics.

by American Girl
To me, garlic is and will always be a seasoning.  However, I’ve often witnessed Penang Boy POP ROASTED GARLIC BULBS INTO HIS MOUTH.  I am only willing to subject myself to this strange behavior if it would save me from killer vampires.

Yet, Penang Boy went to the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival last year and came back determined to make me regret my absence.  So we drove down to Gilroy this year, and after I met the Jumbo Garlic Guardian and had a taste of his goods, I became somewhat of a convert due to my inability to erase the memory of garlic bread melting in my mouth.  When the light yet crunchy texture of that baby hit my tongue, I had a moment similar to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when starving Charlie gets his first bite of a Willy Wonka bar and goes to chocolate heaven. Except it’s garlic bread.

However, let me emphasize that garlic on garlic bread is still a condiment.  The ultimate taste test was still yet to come, a dish where garlic was the star.

Are you ready for this!?

Key word: FREE. That and I wanted to be able to say “Yeah, I had garlic ice-cream.” So we stood in line and got us some famous garlic ice-cream. Reactions:

Penang Boy: Hmmm…not bad.

American Girl: *no answer* Dead from garlic fumes.

Well, I guess now we know I’m garlic intolerant.



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